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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I have yet to see G&G Combat Machines here in Canada, which seem to be a really popular brand (kind of how the KA M4 is becoming the "go to" M4 for new guys in Canada).

G&G guns still cost more than they're worth in Canada, and you can get better for equivalent prices. Like this: $1,000 for a G&G M14? Yea, keep dreaming Buyairsoft.
I own a G&G m16 combat machine, (cansoft lower) that I bought 2 years ago on buyairsoft, for back then the price and bang for the buck that I got was amazing. Since put 6'000Bb give or take through it. And still runs like a champ. Impressive external also... (except for lower receiver)

If I would slap a TB barrel and a better hop up rubber on her she would be a beast for what I paid for...
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