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Originally Posted by Dynamo View Post
front end of my friend's PTS ACR's gearbox (made by Ares) is cracked to shit. what are his chances of getting a replacement shell? and i do specifically mean just the shell.. the rest of the internals are garbage.
for now i hope JB weld will be strong enough to hold it together.. anyone who does have the Ares made ACR, be warned! the front of the gearbox is weak sauce, and should be reinforced with JB weld BEFORE it breaks.
Dynamo, is it a version 2 gearbox with a quick change spring guide? Karnage actually pointed out to me that he has an ACM gearbox (full and just the shell from what i remember) that look like they're either direct clones of the Ares or are the actual OEM for them.

Uses the micro switch trigger, quick change spring and everything if the gearbox is the one i'm thinking of.
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