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Easist answer:
how much can you stand a (non-ergonomic) bullpup?!?

WE G36 series is pretty good, some downside though:
1) Plastic Cocking Handle, it will break, its made of plastic. real SL8/G36 uses steel. Go with real one and mod it or aluminium aftermarket ones
2) Selector position is held by ball bearing against the plastic grip. Overtime it's becomes harder to know whether you're on semi or auto in the dark.
3) AR-15 trigger selector, and lack of bolt catch. WE really made it suck for a lot of realism fans (you can put the gun on safe with hammer dropped. AR-18 type trigger can...aka H&K G36) WE also decided to make a bolt release instead of bolt catch (it's basically usesless in game for fast reload)

L85 on other hand...
takedown pin are prone to undone by itself.
hammer (I believe) is superglue together)
bolt catch bolt release is dummy (AFAIK)

In short L85 wasn't a huge hit in compared to other GBBR WE released. L85 wasn't the most problemanic, but it is one of the most unrealistic 1:1 function. WE G36 are a big hit in the WE GBBRs, however it'll be interesting to see how VFC compete against WE (besides aftermarket support, cheaper price, and slightly lower recoil, the VFC beats WE on other aspect)

Choose which design you like the best, and go with it
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