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Originally Posted by Nuck
all the little punk kids who think they are too good to be eliminated from a game so they dont call their hits play of the many reasons I airsoft.

And on the only occasion I KNOW I hit someone and they didnt call it, I just hosed them down with half a high cap. Could have sworn he was crying :cheers:
Then aim for the head.

I'm serious.

If it's "just a game", shouldn't they be playing it as such themselves? If they want to turn the game as if it really matters, into a slightly more life-serious venue... Trust me - first shot to the crotch or to the head will piss them royally. Then you can remind them that's the price of cheating.

Thank god for airsoft. Personally, with such the small community we have... It's utterly stupid to cheat, IMO. You'll be labelled as such dam fast, and soon enough, a fairly large portion of the community will be aware. Then you may be stuck with a grand's worth of gear (at least), and nothing to do but offer it up in the buy/sell cause no one's gonna want to play with you!
Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper
Fucking bullshit. I just checked my flyers and I didn't get no 'Cluepons'. Assholes :rrr:
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