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Originally Posted by diesel_3 View Post
I was checking out

I have looked into getting Age Verified but currently in Comox, the closest somebody goes is Parksville so obviously something that needs commuting for both parties.

Really wish I was looks pretty big out in the valley, and to the above poster..thanks for the website URL, i'll def check that out and look into some of the above mentioned brands!
G&G is for the most part a great brand, however, as said above BuyAirsoft is hopelessly overpricing G&G guns. It's only a matter of time until certain regulatory and market forces drive the prices of these things down to the levels they should be at, and then you'll feel bad for having purchased there.

There are about a dozen stores in Canada that offer better deals, but you need to get AV'd before we all start giving you advice on that.

I expect this thread to get locked and/or moved because of the links that have already been provided.
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