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I'm Chris, I'm also on the Edmonton Airsoft Regiment forums as well and upon recommendation to sign up on here as well. I'm 26, I'm a graphic designer by trade, currently working as an advertising manager at a small community magazine. I've always been intrigued about airsoft and never really thought that there was quite an elaborate community.

I don't have any guns at the moment and kit wise I've got my BDU's I used when playing paintball. I have the odd few stuff that I got over the years for kicks, I have a WE Hi-capa 1911 that for some reason likes to shoot full auto and dumps all the gas from the mag which I need to figure out how to fix (all though a full auto 1911 is a cool concept) Other than that I'm just doing my thorough research so I can make sure I get something that's suited to me and reading up on proper maintenance and upgrades, etc.
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