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I've had the most weird results with Ares.

2 years ago, broke my stock at a game on a saturday. Sent an email to Ares the next day, wrong email account but they forwarded me to the right department. After some back and forth, got the replacement parts sorted out and paid by bank transfer. 4 days later, recieved my parts.

January this year, found out my mechbox was borked, had to order a new once since its proprietary. Sent an email to them, got a reply within a day telling me they'll be checking their warehouse for availability. Week goes by, no response, I send a follow up to see whats going on, no reply. Another week goes by, another follow up, no response. I send one last follow up, telling them that I've liked their products for the past few years but their service for parts is getting out of hand for company that uses many proprietary parts.

last week, decided to send them another follow up, someone gets back to me in 2 days telling me that the warehouse is out of the mechbox i need, and production run for those is expected in July.

First experience with spare parts was great, second, not so much. They're interesting to deal with but I really do hope that they step up their game in terms of replacement parts. I honestly do like their products, they're pretty well designed, but the support is what kills it for most people.
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