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Ares Airsoft sits up and pays attention

Being the proud new owner of a Mk43 which was gently used and slightly abused I was quick to begin my search for replacement parts.

First off was the boxmag. 4000 rounds of plastic spewing insanity coming at you from this thing!
North American "carriers" and European ones were contacted. One replied having one, never again to be heard from when it was time to purchase it ):

I finally found one in the UK (Wolf Armories) and they shipped it out.

Being that the original owner accidentally broke off the barrel release latch, again contacting the Ares carriers and distributors, absolutely no replies.

Out of frustration I persistently contacted Ares ( within reason) voiced the fact that their product is amazing yet people representing your product are not respecting their obligations to you as the product supplier or their customers.

After a couple of these emails "boom" like a waking giant they were on it. Every part I needed, not excluding parts not listed on their website were shipped within the week.
Note: the boxmag out of the UK was $140 landed. Local request to order for me was quoted at $180+ Ares price? Double O-ring cylinder head, ball bearing quick change spring guide, additional boxmag with faux ammo belt, barrel release lever, shipped Xpress? $130 Canadian.

I don't think I'd ever had such a awesome experiance with ordering direct from a manufacturer. Not all manufacturers will do it but I suppose I said the right things to them and it's been great.

Lesson here is don't knock a brand till you do what I've done. You may be pleasantly surprised (:


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