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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
drake I'm sorry but I will have to correct you on that.
I have a direct screen capture of the sales thread in question.

Do you see "craigslist" somewhere in ASC's URL?

I don't give a shit about Craiglist, CL isn't my fucking problem nor does my jurisdiction extend to other sites; I have enough shit to deal with here.

Nor is that the same stock advertised on ASC (or the one in Infernau's video) -- which is two tone.

NOR does that CL ad even say it's a genuine Magpul stock and anyone who's performed even the least bit of due diligence will identify it as an ACM clone (the PTS versions come as either AEG or WA/PTW, not both).

The sales thread in question was here:

And was labelled a clone from day 1.

Nor did Infernau make any mention of the Magpul vs Element thing until this morning, despite several PMs about this transaction.

DON'T fucking waste my time like this, man; my patience on this topic worn paper thin as it is.
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