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hmm, i might be able to do that.. I just got home with one. First think I did was strip it completely down and make a list of components to upgrade to make it into the CQB death machine I have in mind..

I will say though, I am impressed with the quality. The metal parts are nice (and plentiful), the functioning bolt catch is a nice touch (not as satisfying as on my gas gun but oh well). Crane stock has some wobble to it but you could probably fix that easily enough.

Most of the internals seem pretty darn good. The first thing I did was chrono it, and it was shooting 425 ootb. I hooked up my 11.1 to it and the response was incredible.. At 425 I was getting about 20 bps. Was not expecting that O.o

If you wanted a decent all around game gun I'd replace the spring of course, the spring guide (cheap plastic with no ball bearing seat) and that's about it..
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