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Originally Posted by attack-beacer
once the game is over people may forget what happens in the game but they will never forget a cheater.(from my grade 5 teacher)
That is likely the wisest thing you've thing you've said yet.

Originally Posted by Infernal
imagine... an airsoft registry... where game promoters could update information and stats on players... including cheating violations and unsportsmanlike conduct.

oh wait, this is airsoft... common sense rarely applies.
This is not really a wise idea. Sometimes players don't call themselves out simply because they don't feel it, not because they chose to cheat--In fact most players will call themselves out after you correct them.

What if you're rustling through leaves and somebody shoots your gearbox? You won't feel it and you likely won't hear it.

Thats a pretty irresponsible comment you threw out there.
Everyone on the field is expected to make full use of common sense and most of the time people are mature enough to do so.
Airsoft is a potentially dangerous sport, common sense ALWAYS applies.
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