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Remember the L85 is based on a gun even the Germans couldn't fix.

I owned a we g36 and it was one of the hardest kickers I had ever felt. Honestly on full auto the recoil of that thing rocked. Yes the mags did leak like a mother f'er but if you fix them with some blue gasket maker they were perfect.

What I didn't like about it is the rails that the bolt ride on are plastic molded into the body of the gun. Big heavy bolt on plastic rails = fail. That was my biggest gripe. Over time the rails will just keep on waring more and more. If WE just spend a little more and made them with metal rails I would probably still own mine right now. Just to give you an idea of how much they wore on mine. Every time I shot my gun I would field strip it and wipe down the bolt and rails. Each time I would do this so when ever I would feel like plinking my gun would be nice and clean. The gun would only go through 3 mags worth of BBs and when the gun was cleaned there would always be a think grey paste from the plastic. Very disconcerting. So thats just something to consider about this gun. It is a hoot to shoot with though.

If WE were to change to metal rails I would buy another in a heart beat.
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