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WE G39k or WE L85A2 ????

Hi guys, like the title says im looking to purchase the L85 or the G39 but cant decide which one to get. I come here looking for help.
My current guns are WE m14 and G&G F2000

WE L85A2


Bullpup which im use to and like
Never seen one used where i play not even an AEG version, rare and unique
I like guns that are different then Armalites
Can use CO2 mags
Mags are cheaper

Cost more then the G39
Rare gun so have to order one and wait

WE G39

Around $150 cheaper then L85
Cool looking gun with many variants
Easily available

50% of people playing have an AEG version, not a very rare gun
Very leaky mags from what i read on this forum (i know you can fix them)
Mags cost more and there is no C02 mags

These are just my opinions on the difference..i was just wondering if anyone has played with both and could give me greater feedback to which is a better quality gun.. Thank you
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