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Originally Posted by VicViper_Mk2 View Post
frankly I don't see how some people can be afraid of someone in a costume posing for a bunch of photographer. In exchange for possibly getting in trouble, I get some realism in photos,
frankly I don't see how some people can be so stubborn.

Lets explain it a different way for you: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. It matters what the COPS think, it matters what the people at large think, it matters what the Expo organizers think -- BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WILL GET YOU (and potentially airsoft in general) IN TROUBLE.

If you wanna take pictures do it in your basement or in some other secured, non-public venue.

Originally Posted by VicViper_Mk2 View Post
this wouldn't have turned into a rant if you guys would just help me with the cap problem.
No. NO. FUCK HELL NO. Don't try and deflect blame on us you whiny little spoiled brat, this turned into a rant because you wanna do something boneheaded, people told you not to, you didn't get the answer you wanted to hear and you're not mature enough to fucking DEAL WITH IT.

Why do you think I want to get the cap in the first place?
Orange muzzle is worthless in Canada and you knew this from the time you made your original post.

the purpose of the cap itself is to let law enforcement to know its not a real gun
You're on the wrong side of the border.

doesn't that tell you that I want to abide by the safety instead of getting misunderstood?
Understand what I just wrote above and what everyone else has been telling you for the past 2 hours: LEAVE IT AT HOME.

Before I got the airsoft, I watched people who take them to convention. only after observing a ton of people being able to go about their
business without much trouble did I finally bought my airsoft.
So by your logic if you see some people selling crack on the street corner and they don't get busted after a couple of weeks, it's a good idea for you to go out and start selling drugs too, right?

it wasn't because I wanted to appear as another bloke on the block with a gun looking for trouble, I just thought it would make a great prop for costumes.
Of course it makes a great prop, we're not arguing that. We're saying don't bring it in public.
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