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I apologize for my stubbornness, but please understand that it was only because I wanted to find a solution to keep it safe and to use it at the same time. It wasn't meant to give airsoft player a bad rap.

this wouldn't have turned into a rant if you guys would just help me with the cap problem. Why do you think I want to get the cap in the first place? the purpose of the cap itself is to let law enforcement to know its not a real gun (and if they need further inspection that's fine) doesn't that tell you that I want to abide by the safety instead of getting misunderstood?

Before I got the airsoft, I watched people who take them to convention. only after observing a ton of people being able to go about their business without much trouble did I finally bought my airsoft. it wasn't because I wanted to appear as another bloke on the block with a gun looking for trouble, I just thought it would make a great prop for costumes.

Nevertheless, you guys are right on some points. I will definitely look into alternatives before diving head first and land into a bunch of trouble. Thanks.
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