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Or, since he was talking about something called FanExpo, and cause I'm bored and helpful...

Please read this entire policy before attending Fan Expo Canada
Prop weapons will be allowed providing they are composed of:

- Cardboard
- Foam
- Wood
- Other light materials

Prop firearms will only be allowed if they cannot be mistaken for real weapons.

The following items are forbidden:

- Functional firearms
- Realistic replica firearms
- Functional projectile weapons
- Sharpened metal-bladed weapons
- Explosive
- Chemical weapons
- Blunt weapons
- Instruments which cause excessive noise
- Whips

Rules and Guidelines
- All weapons are to be holstered, sheathed or slung in appropriate manner.
- Weapons will not be drawn or displayed outside of convention function space or in any public or crowded area except for specific photo op areas.
- Convention Security and Fan Expo Canada Staff members reserve the right to inspect weapons at any time.
- Horseplay with weapons will not be tolerated. All persons involved may be penalized depending on the nature of severity.

Failure to adhere to one or more of the above rule will result in expulsion without refund. Keep in mind, if it’s illegal in Canada, it’s illegal at Fan Expo Canada!
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