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To answer your question, yes the orange tip is an American law which state that all airsoft guns to have an orange tip. Canada doesn't have that kind of law or anything which state we need to paint our gun tip any colour, rifles or hand guns. Now having your gun out in public for everyone to see is a HUGE no no and highly recommended that you don't. But because this is part of a costume and a lot of people will have some type of weapon, I think it should be ok. BUT, only have it out to be viewed while indoors at the convention and in costume. Other wise, it should be left in a case/bag and out of sight from the general public. Having the orange tip will reduce the chance of a soccer mom freaking out. But not having it is not against the law. Remove the gearbox if you can and leave the mag out until you are taking a photo or something. Be safe and don't ever point the muzzle at anyone or thing while walking around. Keep it pointed down is the best bet. Just don't be stupid.
and that's exactly what I do. I pose with it at a convention, while taking all the precautions to make sure it doesn't look like I have the intention to endanger another.

Yes I understand there are guns made out of paper (saw some made out of cardboard too) but I have neither the skill nor the time to undertake such endeavors.

And I'm 26 (well above the legal age to buy airsoft)
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