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orange cap/tip in Canada

Hi guys, got a question regarding the orange cap/tip on airsoft. Now I've heard Orange cap/tip aren't necessary in Canada as its strictly an States tradition. Which might explains why most retailer sell their guns without any.

Long ago I bought a G36K by SRC. The rifle came with a orange cap. I asked several retailers and they said that only guns from Asian countries comes with the cap, North American countries don't, and only rifles not handguns.

The reason I ask is because aside from gaming, I found the gun to be a nice prop to go with a costume for the multi-genre convention (Fanexpo) once a year. During the convention, I saw quite a few people with airsoft guns, some with orange cap and without. While there are police presence, they don't seem to be stopping every person with a gun to make sure its not real. However occasionally they did ask to check some people's gun when it didn't have an orange cap and looked too realistic.

My question is what are my choices when it comes to getting an orange cap? Alternatively is painting the barrel orange effective enough? Thank you.
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