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Using radio comms 101 - Need help

So I recently bought a pair of Motorola Talkabout MJ430CR's yesterday to use my Element headset and PTT. Following the instructions, I turned off the radio, connected the single-pin adaptor into the radio and turned it on. Now turned on, the radio shows the VOX setting being ON automatically. Basically there are 2 issues/concerns...

1) When I hit the PTT on the radio itself, the VOX goes away. I set the VOX sensitivity to 1 (since it can't go any lower apparently). Does this mean that theoretically if I hit my secondary PTT it should transmit ONLY when I hit the button itself? Or is it going to continue to only transmit when I talk?

2) Unfortunately I think something is wrong with my headset + PTT because when I try to push the PTT nothing happens....also when I try to send a signal from my 2nd radio, I cant hear anything in my headset. The weird thing is that it seems as though the mic works because when I hit the PTT on the radio, it transmits my voice to the 2nd walkie. From reading around, I think maybe the headset/PTT may be for a COBRA single-pin?

Anyone out there with these same issues or know what I'm doing wrong here?

Many thanks!
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