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Great Gun Doc! Helped me fix/mod my M4 quick and hassle-free. Very knowledgeable, patient and thoroughly explains what he does.

Thanks for your help Armen!

Originally Posted by Armen000 View Post
Toronto, Scarborough
ASC Name:
Real Name:
Armen Shirinian
Services offered:
V2, V3, or V6 Gearbox (i.e. P90, Aug, AK, M4 etc.)
GBB: Specialize in M9, Hi-Capa, and G39. If youd like me to take a look at anything else ill be more than happy
AEP: MP7, R2 Scorpion
BA: L96
You may contact me through PM, or reach me anytime at 416-561-4576 (if no answer, text or leave me a message)

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In the event of my demise." - Tupac

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