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Originally Posted by pinksoda View Post
Here what I think, the reason why i bought this gun is the fps is already set to get into games no more tuning no more downgrading so i don't have to open the gearbox which i don't know how to. So if i find a good priced and good quality body i'ed still get more from it right? Since I don't want to screw up my gearbox. Plus, from the store I'm buying from the full metals are not that cheap.

What do you think?
A metal body isn't necessary for gaming, but it DOES make the gun overall stronger.

MOST bodies will require some work -filing, fitment, etc.- to mate up properly with a non-FMU gun, especially if it's an "off" clone. There's a reason we usually recommend buying FMU (full metal) from the outset instead of plastic and upgrading later. Not that it can't be done, many people do it, just don't expect a perfect easy swap.

If you get Age Verified you can gain access to the AV Retailer section. There are several retailers that sell 100% bone stock Classic Army guns. These have pretty good metal bodies on them and shoot around 312 FPS stock.

So, you can game with a plastic body. Just don't beat on the gun too hard and you'll be fine, or you can proceed with buying a metal body and fitting it on the gun, just don't expect a 100% perfect fit.

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