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Noob question about metal bodies...

Do I need a specific m4 body casting for each type of manufacturer?

Bear with me here, I never played airsoft in my life but couple weeks ago I decided to be a part of the sport from now on. So before I play my first game I want to setup my gear. Since I couldn't find information about it in google ill just ask the pros here at airsoftcanada. I currently own a Velocity Arms V4 CQB M, FPS not bad just at the boarder for CQB games. It's very F***ing accurate! I just got it yesterday and I would like to change it with a metal body since the muzzle is heavy its kind of hard to aim because all the wait is at the tip of the gun so I need the metal body to balance it out all the way to the grip. If you need the Full Specs

Once I got all my gear... hoping for FIRST BLOOD!!!
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