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Originally Posted by iKliiu View Post
For the best bang for your buck, the X High Tech motors are great. $25 shipped for a motor that runs cool, and have good performance.

Bravo/3One motors burn out quickly, or so I have heard.

Lonex is actually different from SHS/5KU/Element/etc. Their brush designs are different, and QC is much better.

IMO, for a few dollars more, a TerminusX would be a better investment than a Tienly. There's this video of a TerminusX motor on a 7.4V giving the same RoF as a SHS on a 11.1V.
The TerminusX motors are quite expensive, presently on pre-order, and probably out of the scope of this thread ... Any of these other suggestions are already probably way past the OP's needs. Even the JG Blue (which can be found in Canada as a Echo1 rebadge) is a pretty good option.
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