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Originally Posted by Bloodstriker View Post
That being said, I don't know if the muzzle energy can reach that high with a plastic BB.
You, sir, have obviously never seen a tuned sniper rifle.

And I agree, Canada's legislation is quite 'messed up', so to speak. I even spoke to a CBSA agent when I went to America last Winter Break, and he told me all the stuff you guys did, gave me a sheet, stamped it, and told me I could bring a couple in if they shot over 407 FPS. If I got stopped, he told me to call him. I thought I was in a dream, but the Airsoft store I went to didn't have competitive prices at all. In fact, they cost even more than in Canada. The point here is that even the CBSA agent was willing to let me exploit the loophole, and it's really confusing as to why.

When my friend got into Airsoft, he asked me all about the legislation and all that, and when I explained it to him and showed him the actual documents, all he could say was, "What in the actual F*ck?!"

There are just so many gray areas in the law regarding our sport. It makes life difficult.
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