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I'd go with TerminusX followed by Tienly as the best motors on the market, right now. outright, probably the best motors available.

Lonex, JG, SHS/5Ku/Element/Dream Army/yadda yadda are all about equal, with their various characteristics suiting different builds better. HUGE value for $ spent ratio.

G&P/Guarder/Bravo (aka 3One)/EF motors warrant some serious consideration, but they're overpriced considering what you get with some of the other brands

of course you could just make your own armatures, but that's a little OCD even for me.

edit: the Systemas, at this point, who would even freaking bother? uninsulated endbells and seriously overpriced, just dropping an armature from an average ferrous speed motor into a neo can, you'd have a motor that can outperform a Magnum/AtoZ in a heartbeat. again, ferrous JG blue armature into a neo can would probably laugh at an M190 on stock gears.
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