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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
All those questions where answered. They didn't require a lengthy answer now did they? Everyone else is going to tell him the same thing with more words. So why not compact the BS and give to him straight. If not blabbing on for hours about crap isn't helpful then I apoligize. Oh wait I don't because ten other people are going to post the same crap.

As for G&G? Unlike my unAV'd friend there I don't recommend them. Piston heads are often leaky and to be honest they have horrible resell value ATM cause the market is flooded with them. That being said you can pick up a working one cheap off the classifieds.

Helpful enough.
I didn't recommend the g&g I said I have one and haven't had a problem with the tinted reciever.

So giving it to him straight was to point out he called it a marker?
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