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Those Vforce masks are great. I used to run a Profiler and I think it was probably the best mask I've ever used. It will be great to start off with because it will keep you safe, and you are already used to it.
The face protection built into the mask will be good for you as it will protect your teeth, but it will be bad for you because it will get in the way when you attempt to use the iron sights on your rifle. You can get around this by using a basic red dot sight, by mounting a sight on a riser, or by moving to a set of goggles designed with airsoft or real firearms in mind.
You will need to play a few games with your equipment before you decide which option will work best for you. FYI; if your Vforce mask is painted in any bright or uncommon colours, it will stick out in the bush. This can be a liability, especially when playing against experienced airsofters (or woodsballers for that matter).

Combat boots are perfecto as long as they're laced all the way up but not over tight, and provide good ankle support. If you've played woodsball you know what's comfortable and safe in this capacity.

Full fingers are not necessary, but I like them for the "I hate brambles and poison ivy" factor. What's comfortable for you is what you want, I just find that having SOMETHING covering your knuckles makes taking hits in the hand less brutal. Knuckle dusters on bare skin will bleed all day.

PB vest will do for now, you'll want to see what long-time players wear before you jump in anyway. Observing what players wear, asking questions, and buying stuff you'll actually use will save you lots of time and money.

Look into Camelbacks and similar hydration systems. Having all that water right there when you need it without having to screw around with bottles (or worse; forgetting to drink) is just about the best damn thing. They don't have to be expensive, and they're worth every penny.

Btw Tiger Stripe is awesome. Good taste.

I have no objections with that M4 as long as you're 18 or older.
The rail system will allow you to put all kinds of fancy crap on it later if you so choose.
The crane stock means that it is likely rear-wired and will thereby allow you to use larger capacity batteries.
From one guy who bought stupid to begin with (me) to another guy who doesn't have to (you), read read read before you buy. Find as many different sources as you can and try to pick out the nuggets of truth.
Airsoft guns are finicky and temperamental compared to the rugged simplicity of a few valves and a tube. I'm serious about that battery charger as well, the ones that come with the guns range from terrible but safe to terrible and dangerous.

I think you'll have fun.
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