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New guy going from real to airsoft. These laws are confusing.

So I'm new to the airsoft field and I'm comming off from someone who is more interested in using real firearms than airsoft or BB. But the cost of ammo is really expensive so I started looking at airsoft as a solution. I started brushing through the laws in your faq here, and some other posts here, and where is what i found.

For the sake of argument I am going to use two firearms you can purchase legally in Canada that is very tactical looking.

.223 caliber
10 round Magazine

Kel Tec SU-22
.22 LR Caliber
27 (I think) Magazine

Airsoft: You basically cannot import and airsoft gun that resembles anything like a real gun, even if it was under legal velocity, chances are that it has a very high chance of being seized by customs for at least forensic testing byt the RCMP

Real Guns: At least afik from the US, you simply import your firearm either through airport security (by you physically crossing the border) and with the required paperwork. So long as everything is under legal requirements you are clear. (paperwork may have changed from killing the long gun registry)

Difference: You can legally import a real gun much more easily than the airsoft gun of the same model (infact you cannot import the airsoft gun at all)

Messed up level: Pretty messed up


airsoft: You cannot own anything resembling the real gun

real guns: You can own the real gun that is illegal in airsoft, even with a 27 round magazine or a 16 round pump action 12 gauge

Difference: You can own the gun that is the actual dangerous object that's ability to kill is much much greater than the airsoft gun.

messed up level: Super messed up

Actual Use:

Airsoft: Basically you can only use it in private environments and you will get hell for using it in any public field or forest.

Real guns: So long as you are in areas of Canada where a discharge of a firearm is legal and safe such as hunting grounds, you may use any non-restricted firearm in a public area. (there are plenty of these)

Difference: Apparently airsoft guns are so dangerous that the government and public see real guns to be more safe than airsoft.

messed up level: :banghead:

what the hell.

Is Airsoft this messed up that it be better to own real guns instead?
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