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Originally Posted by wind_comm View Post
balanced JG Blue armature in a neodymium can with shimmed magnets.
Agreed. All else being equal, I've cranked harder springs at higher ROF than any G&P or Guarder motor.
Too bad it's very difficult to find. The best part? It was half the price of a (comparable? ha) G&P or Guarder motor.

Back to the topic of this thread: I think Sytrak's post has merit. Check what's wrong with the gun before you pour more juice into it. Could be bad shimming that's making the system not as efficient as possible. Save some money in the meantime by enrolling in a learning experience.

Once that all checks out then you can proceed to upgrading your power source.

If you're totally convinced about replacing the mechbox, I'd go with coach's suggestions, but in all honesty while they're better than JG boxes, they're far from ideal.

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