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Rules Question for Classifieds

Hello everyone,

I figured this was the best place to post my introduction and ask a question of the moderators here. Please bear with me if there is a simple answer to my question somewhere on this site. I've searched for a while and haven't found the answer.

Question: May I post a copy of this thread: in the Classifieds section without getting in trouble or having it locked, deleted, or erased? I am NOT a retailer (I.E., I don't have a business license of any kind. I'm just one guy in a little workshop making some cool little products). If not, may I post it in the Retailers section?

Intro: I'm a college student living in Northwest Ohio. I love working on guns and turning regular AEGs into performance enhanced high-powered long range tack drivers that rarely ever need maintenance and never fail. I can install R/IR/ER/IER-hop contact patches and I also have access to Bridgeport CNC milling machines for barrel window extensions.

Thanks for reading.


EDIT: I am NOT going to attempt to get complete replicas across the border AT ALL. I realize this is illegal and will likely result in seized packages. At the very most, I would be shipping strictly internals across after being sent in for upgrades and modifications.
I offer airsoft products and services engineered for supremacy. PM me for details.

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