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Originally Posted by Pvt_Cold
alright, you dont know anything about airsoft in the U.S. Everything is cheaper there, and you know shit all about firearms licences and airsoft in another country, your telling a kid who can legally buy a gun that he should stay out of airsoft when you yourself own a big expencive gun that you shouldnt own.

I ASSUME you show off with it to your friends and shoot your dog and cat when they bite you.

shut up.
Okay, I'm sure I know more about the US than you since I grew up in the US.

I don't know if you're illiterate or just plain stupid. I corrected myself when I said I thought he lived in Canada. Canada and the US have DIFFERENT firearm laws.

My airsoft rifle is kept in a drawer out of sight (beneath my socks).

I, unlike you, am actually thinking about the future of airsofting. I never told him NOT to go airsofting, I stated that he should think more carefully about it if he's not willing to spend more than $250 on it. I earned the money for my airsoft rifle and I really don't give fuck all what you think.

$250 US is a robbery on the price for the 'package' he described.

Basically what you just said: "He can buy a gun, let him. I think you shoot your pets with your rifle so he can do the same. Thats okay"
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