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Originally Posted by Pvt_Cold
Originally Posted by VipaMave
Actually, I am assuming he has the $250 to pay for the 'package' that he speaks of.

I'm ASSUMING that he doesn't have $600+ to actually get into airsofting.

Anyone that wants to get into airsofting for a cheap price definitely has to think again.
alright, you dont know anything about airsoft in the U.S. Everything is cheaper there, and you know shit all about firearms licences and airsoft in another country, your telling a kid who can legally buy a gun that he should stay out of airsoft when you yourself own a big expencive gun that you shouldnt own.

I ASSUME you show off with it to your friends and shoot your dog and cat when they bite you.

shut up.
Haha, while i would find it entertaining to shoot dogs... (just kidding)
And actually I wouldnt bother showing it off to my friends because they are alot more experienced than I am and have alot better equipment. I would only want the airsoft guns for real games.
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