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If you are SERIOUS about getting into airsofting, you should have your parents contact a retailer and have them informed of all the risks involved with airsoft.

When you play games, you should have a parent/guardian supervise you as well as other experienced players (thats right, no running around shooting each others on your "buddy"'s acreage). It only takes one person's carelessness to send somebody to the hospital and end up on the press.

One of (my) biggest concerns is when people own realistic looking airsoft rifles and they leave them out in the open PURPOSELY. Some people are such dolts that they want their friends to see so that they think they are 'cool'. Airsoft rifles are not toys, they are a SERIOUS piece of sporting equipment.

Last thing you have to keep in mind that airsoft is a sport of honor. Be honest with your parents and with your fellow players and you'll fit right in.

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