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You're definitely going to get flamed.

Heres some key points:
-Nobody likes soft air guns (and most don't appreciate you calling those clear pieces of crap "airsoft")
-People don't like when you bring up paintball and associate it any any way/form with airsoft
-If you DO get an airsoft rifle and you play with it in your backyard... hmm... Lets just say if you shoot anyone with a half decent AEG from less than 20ft, they will get a BB stuck in themselves and they will bleed. Neighbors may also become annoyed if they catch you playing with softair(or airsoft) equipment in your backyard. You are supposed to play on a good amount of land(that is privately owned of course).
To answer your questions:
-A good gun is whatever you think looks good. Read reviews and see what you like.
-I don't wear combat / protective gear (aside from goggles).
-You can find games here

From just reading your post, I'd say you should just forget about airsoft for three more years.
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