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Correct me if I'm wrong--You need a FIREARMS license to possess an airgun capable of firing a projectile in excess of 500 FPS.

*Edit* After reading your post again, I'd say whoever is selling that 'package' for $250 is bullshitting you.

I can see that you're 15 years old. Maybe you should get a job to start making some money before you start Airsofting.

I'm only 17 and I have a G&P M4A1. It cost me $900 in total (With battery, shipping, MVR, BBs) which came from my own wallet. I, nor you are old enough to buy an airsoft gun so you should check with your parents first (my parents bought mine, they understand I am responsible so there is no issues).

If you want to get into airsofting, don't count on spending any less than $600 for the airsoft, batteries, ammo, and S&H.
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