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i completley agree with freedom, I quite playing paintball because the whole sport began revolving around how well you can cheat/ bounce/ wipe.

one idea i would like to toss out there is when we are playing a moderated game, if someone is identified as a cheater, the refs should have him wear a saftey vest, or some sort of vest that makes them stick out like pink marker tape, make it less fun for them to play, and also help people on the other end of the barrel; lets them know that this person is a cheater, either ignore them, or shoot em till they drop. this would at least deter people from cheating, and definatley help honest players keep their sanity while playing. and you could enforce it by saying, "hey you were stupid enough to cheat, so sorry but you have to wear this the rest of the day, and if you take it off, you can go home, make your choice." if you just boot a cheater, nobody learns. this would also deter would be cheaters as well.
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