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Since this topic has already been started, I'll post my quick question in here lol.

I just received my VFC E Series Mark 12 Mod 0. Its shooting consistently at 436-438 fps w/ 0.25g bb's. I would also like to upgrade this to achieve max range and accuracy. ROF not important as I will be mainly using semi auto.

For anyone with experience with this brand of gun and setup, what upgrades would you install?

I'm already looking at new hop up buckings, inner barrels and piston heads. I dont know what brand of parts works best with VFC tho. Probably gonna order off airsoftparts or ehobby

@jcotter, what brand of parts worked best with your VFC?

I also noticed the mag that came with the gun wobbled in the magwell. Any other brand of mags that fits securely in the magwell?

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