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I just got my AEG back this Friday from getting the internals upgraded to increase ROF and accuracy.
I had a raptor FET installed,
a new motor
new spring
had the gun and batteries wired to dean's
Tightbore barrel
new piston
new hop up chamber
and, an 11.1 V lipo. (if you are going to run lipo and have it wired to the rear you may want to pick up a new stock that can better accommodate one. I just got the madull socom ace stock, it has lots of lipo room but set me back another $100.00)
By the time i paid tax, shipping and labor I had spent close to $450.00 excluding the new stock

I should also add that I have a higher end VFC gun ($600.00) to start out with.
This saved me money when it came to replacing other internals, because they didn't need to be replaced yet.

Now my gun is deadly accurate, shooting just under 400 fps with an insane adjustable ROF. I couldn't be happier.

I hope this gives you an idea of the costs involved. I'm sure had I used cheaper parts and had done the work myself I could have saved a few bucks.

I purchased the gun new and have spent a lot on externals too, but that's another story.

First thing you should do is get age verified. instead of buying a cheap gun, maybe you should look at buying something from the classifieds that has already been upgraded. 9 times out of 10 you'll save yourself some serious money.
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