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Originally Posted by Joshery View Post
Hey guys.
I'm a newb. I just got a cheap M4 that I thought I could slowly upgrade, instead of going ahead and buying a high-end gun (I don't have a lot of cash).
I would just like some advice and/or clarification about this.

I got better range and accuracy in that gun than I thought I would, but if I was going to upgrade that, I would need to upgrade the hop-up, spring and inner barrel... is that right?
Also, to increase the ROF I would need a better motor and battery, right?
And if I did all this would it be appropriate to get a new gearbox, or parts of the gearbox, to stand up to the higher speed and power?
So basically... you want to replace the entire gun.

Why did you buy low end again?

Another illustration of why, time and time again, we tell people not to buy low end guns.

What make/brand of M4 do you have?

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