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- Compression parts (Piston, Piston head, Cylinder, Cylinder head) make sure to get consistent compression. Double O ring cylinder head might be a good idea here
- Hop up bucking and unit (prommy purple/soft bucking and maybe a Prommy neo chamber)
- Barrel Prommy or PDI TBB I like 6.03 since it won't jam and whatnot as can happen if you use 6.01 and have a slightly larger BB


- Modify Quantum piston/gearset
- short stroke your gears/piston
- 11.1 Lipo
- High speed motor
- M100 spring at most (ideal is probably an M90 if you've got high speed gears and motor since there will be not as much torque to turn over the spring)

Most gearboxes these days come reinforced from the factory. The V3 gearbox (AK, Sig, G36) by design is slightly stronger than the V2 gearbox (MP5, SCAR, and AR15 pattern variants) however it will still break if you abuse it.
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