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1. The brand of the gun would help substantially.

2. Accuracy in Airsoft depends mostly on the user, not the rifle. However, a tightbore will help reduce bullet sway in the air, due to the physics of air in the barrel. The hop-up only puts spin on the BB, but upgrading it may cause more consistent performance. Upgrade these two at your whim.

3. To increase the ROF, you can do one or more of many things.
- A: Get a higher voltage battery. (This is the easiest way)
- B: Get a high-speed motor and gearset.
- C: Get a Li-Po. Use it correctly, however. I'm not responsible if your house burns down.
- D: Decrease your spring power, because if there's less resistance on the motor/gears/piston, the faster they go. This is very unorthodox, however, and usually not recommended unless for a special reason.

4. Reinforcing the gearbox and gearbox parts is always a plus, especially if you have higher power. For higher speed, simply get a gearset designed for that, although beware: This will lower its tolerances for a heavier spring. Metal here is usually not a bad thing.

In the future, being slightly more specific will help you, but I hope this gives you a beginning, rough idea of what to do.
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