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Alexander Umil (a current ASC member), posted on a magpul ubr stock, after a series of questions and emails about the stock he said and I quote "It's brand new man... Nothing is missing at all... so I bought it, when I received it the screws were the wrong size (don't fit), a few of the screw holes appear to have been forced (trying to make the screws fit I guess) the stock tube has paint chips (clearly been used) and the tab that fits into the AR body (second hole where the wires usually come out of on a rear wired AR have some obvious wear).

I paid $70 for it but I don't want to lose out if I ship it back, since I clearly didn't get what I paid for, I asked for $85.00 to cover my initial cost and the shipping return fee to him.

he's refused, help me out here community.
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