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My parcel's last update was this:
2012/02/24 19:02 HALIFAX Item transferred to Post Office; being prepared for pickup.

I went to the office to pick it up and the lady said there's nothing for me!!
I showed her the update from my iPhone and she checked inside and there was nothing for me.
She also said they usually don't get any parcels from postman after around 6pm!!!
I have no idea where is my parcel and I have to go back again tomorrow 10am to check again!! we have a bus strike in Halifax!!! I cannot go there every time!!!!

If it's not there then why would someone updates that it's?!
and where is it anyway??! it's not on the postman home waiting for a delivery attempt to the post office next morning isn't it??!!!!!!!!

I got really angry tonight. I've been waiting weeks for this parcel to come.
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