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Worst dumb ass move ever - a old teammate forgot a can of green gas in his trunk at the old Wasaga field, it was one of those extremely hot day at about 3pm while we took a much needed break we heard a quick loud bang, ran to the parking lot to find his Brand new 98 BMW M3 trunk partially open with a huge bulge on the edge.

Worst injury inflicted was a several quick rapid semi shots by myself richochet of the window ledge hit me square in the tip of my nose, hurts like a bitch (I think I cried a bit like a bitch too)

Worst injury witnessed - some dumb ass rookie with a brand new gun not knowing it was shooting hot blindfire another player, he came out of the field bleeding from the forehead and lower face area, we ejected the player, last I heard the guy pulled out 11 bbs out of his arm and head area.
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