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worst i have seen in 10 years here... was just one bb under the skin on the arm, from a point blank sniper rife... accident in the safe zone.

and one... "lets open up the WA GBBR Mag to fix..." with out releasing the gas.
after knocking out a few pins... the mag ripped it self apart sending shrapnel in many directions.
hitting him in the lip with blood everywhere and he required 4 stitches.
he could have easily lost a eye or even been fatal!

personally I have only dislocated my big toe at the start of a competition.
but i was just happy to actually finish the zone and with a reasonably good time.
then hobbled off to find transport to A&E to get it reset.

other random scary events... seen idle a m203 shell go off on a table in safe zone.
and also see a idle pistol mag explode... ripping a inch of the bottom of the mag.

oh.... also i have been shot twice... in the safe zone... but someone that was working on a gun and didn't realize they had a mag in when pulling the trigger.
the injury in that case would have been from me almost decking him!

then again... i have been shot in the back at work... at the photocopier... by the boss.
placing a gun on the ground in his office... finger slipped into trigger well i guess... and it had gas and ammo in it.... "by accident."
didn't even get a "sorry."

I just gave him the "treat all guns as loaded!!!"
...Lugers and Rugers and M1's and the all for sale...
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