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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Orange muzzle will get you into the U.S.. To get your gun back is actually not that complicated. First off your gun must have a distinct serial # on the outside. It must be clear and visible. There is a form (I can't remember what it's called). You fill it out, and the border fills it out. Your gun must come back the exact same as it went down. Keep the form in with the gun, and carry your gun in a proper case. Phone the CBSA for details.
you are about 50% correct
Orange muzzle is only required for public display(aka on the field) and sale but thats arguing over semantics.

Your gun DOES NOT have to have a serial number. if it does they mark it down, if it does not they give you a sticker which usually goes on the stock tube or inside the mag well.

the form is called a Y38, which if I remember correctly they mark down where on the gun the serial number/ sticker is.

otherwise you are right
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