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Originally Posted by silent_lemon
On the topic of blindfire, yes, it is the responsibility of the shooter to take into consideration where theyre firing, but IMHO it is also partly the responsiblity of the foe to not "spook" the blindfirer in question. (hope youre with me.)

this happened at one of our games which resulted in a pointblank BB lip...gorey i know.

person A is shooting behind cover, ducks back.

person B on opposite team from person A runs up adjacent to person A and hides behind the same cover on opposite side.

person A and person B both unveil themselves at the same time, person A being spooked unloads BB death on person B.

Person A is at fault IMO, BUT! There could have been a different outcome if person B used more of their perception to judge..hey, theres someone there, let's NOT put my face 4 inches infront of his sights and give him a heart attack

here is a movie i have uploaded to my dinky FTP to give u a look at what i mean...

(this is a short clip someone took(think it was dman) in the 'city' at our panther field. - it could have been gruesome if the guy didnt turn around and look teh other way)
This is a prime example of why you should never have your finger resting on your trigger, Period. Your index should always be on the side so you can process maybe a few thoughts through your brain before you start shooting. I think that should be a rule, because I must say, I have NEVER been hit by blind fire, BUT I have been hit in the face neck ears hands you name it from players that get scared and let off 30 rounds at 10 feet. Having a rule like this would also save a lot of friendly fire aswell, think about it.

EDIT: Also, there is a fine line between concern for safety, and complaining ...

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