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Originally Posted by Kozzie View Post
That zombie gun you're looking at is really a re-labled Jing Gong.
Actually the Zombie Killer is not built by JG. It's made by a newer Hong Kong company known as JM, and appears to be more of a VFC clone shop than anything else.

All of VA's "Zombie" guns are JM rifles. You can see them for sale in HK here:

The longer Zombie Killer rifle that TAS sells is a heavy gun, so you will want to make sure you can handle heavier rifles before buying it. It's a good base for project rifles, but the metal that the receiver is made out of is somewhat brittle and can crack (this happened to one of our team members -- note that Velocity Arms was super nice about it and helped us out with a replacement for the lower, so hats off to them), so you need to be careful when doing builds with this gun. In spite of the metal, the construction feels solid and there is absolutely no wobble or play of any kind on this thing.

I've held and inspected the JM (VA) Zombie Killer PDW. It's very nice, possibly nicer than the DBoys version that knocked off the original VFC version. I'd also consider it a really nice little upgrade/project gun.

For both the PDW and SR Zombie Killer rifles, potential buyers need to be aware that some of the VFC proprietary bits have been also cloned, so that means contacting VFC if any of the parts break. This means that custom projects with these can get expensive if you intend to preserve stuff like the ambidextrous controls, etc, and the replacement fit isn't always perfect, possibly requiring modification -- but hey, if you're going the project rifle route, you've probably got the balls for a bit of dremmel-work anyway


JG's and other chinese clone guns can be made into nice shooting guns with a relatively small investment into internal parts (and some knowledge of mechboxes)but their externals will always be inferior.
This is generally true, though I found the quality of JGs aftermarket full-metal receivers to be fantastic (and very sturdy/durable), with the fitment of upmarket mechboxes like G&P into them to be perfect. Kozzie, next time we see each other on the field, I'd love to let you inspect my project AEG that I built from a JG body.
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