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Originally Posted by docholidayy View Post
So i am probably going to be to excited to buy something and will not wait to get age verified

Do forum regulations allow you to help me with the spring issue.
From my understanding most CQB fields want fps around 350. So lets say I go with the VFC Hk416 what spring do i need to get to reach that fps rate, is it a m100 spring?

Yes, an M100 labelled "M100" should be okay.

Be careful in buying springs. Many springs actually fire much harder than what their names would imply. For example, the Modify S110+ fires over 400fps, but the naming would imply 110m/s, which would suggest 360ft/sec. Not so. If you want to play it safe, an M90 will work, and the Modify S90+ also fires well under 350, thus reducing the chance that you'll be turned away at the chrono. It'll treat your gearbox better, and your RoF will likely increase.

By the way, you need to get age verified. You're about to spend a lot more money than you might need to. VFC makes fine guns, but there are many options out there.

You may be excited to be in a hurry right now, but note that opening an AEG to swap the spring is really incompatible with being in a hurry. There can be hiccups during this process, especially if someone else is doing it for you, and especially if you get a fancier gun with ambidextrous controls, etc, like many VFCs have.

Hope that helps.
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