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New guy looking for a gun.

Hello everybody,

I am new to playing airsoft and it is time to purchase my first gun. In order to make the right decision I hope to get a couple of good tips and tricks from you guys.

The guns i am looking at:

1) VFC UMAREX HK 416 CQC Full trades Special OFFER: Battery/Charger included!! (615$)
2) Jing Gong - Full Metal HK416 Crane **NEW GENERATION** (369$)
3)C-TAC M4 Raptor (539$)

I also looked at the Velocity Arms Tactical Zombie Killer (419$) but sadly it is sold out and i can not fund another source for it, any help?
So here are my questions:

Which gun would you recommend? How does the JG compare to the VC HK416 considering the price difference.

I learned that i need to change springs in most guns to make them playable in CQB style scenarios, what kind of spring do i need where can i get i from, can i install it by myself?

And if you guys could also tell me if all those fonts are 14mm fronts so i can put on a suppresser since most of the once i looked at have that dimension.

If you have any other suggestions for guns throw them at me, as you can see I like lots of rails and a AR-15 style gun that is not too short.

Thank you very much for your help!
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